Monday, December 12, 2011

My 20's Continued

The reason I'm including such a sad point in my life is because I believe it was the pivoting point in my disease.  So to continue on...
My Grandma's health had been declining.  I was working, going to the hospital to see her, and going home for sleep.  Nothing else.  I wasn't even taking time for my fiance.  The doctors then said she had an aneurysm, but she had lost too much weight to have surgery.  It was at that time I started having periods of confusion.  I lost days.  Couldn't remember if I was suppose to work that day.  Couldn't remember if I had eaten that day. I was even forgetting where I was going.  I'd be in my car driving, and not remember if I was going to the hospital or to work.  I even found it hard to have a conversation with someone.  I couldn't follow what they were saying. So, one sunny morning I made up my mind.  There was something definitely wrong with me.  That day I broke up with my fiance.  I just couldn't marry him.  I couldn't do that to him and his family. There was something wrong with me and it wouldn't be fair to put them through whatever it was.  It wasn't long after that, my Grandma passed away.  The next few months went by.  I have no recollection of anything that happened during those months.

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