Monday, December 12, 2011

My 20's

So in my 20's, I started having days where the anxiety was out of control.  At times I would be sick to my stomach for what seemed no reason at all, and completely unable to make it stop.  Emergency room visits for an injection of anti-anxiety medication and Gravol started.  I was so embarrassed.  What was wrong with me??  I wanted to see a doctor but I had no idea what to say.  I didn't know what was happening.  The anxiety, depression, vomiting episodes.  And to top it off, I was afraid people would think I was losing my sanity if I tried to explain everything.  Then my Grandma B. started having very serious health problems.  (I have to grab some facial tissue to write the next part. It's the saddest point of my life.)  OK.  Sorry.  I have to take a break before I go on.

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