Sunday, December 11, 2011


I just want to pause here to explain a few things about Hashimoto's disease.  It's where the body confuses the thyroid as an 'intruder' and attacks it, eventually killing it.  The thyroid pretty much has a say in all parts of the body.  Temperature regulation, hormone levels, serotonin levels, etc.  Basically, the thyroid has lines of communication with every part of the body.  So when the thyroid doesn't work, all the lines of communication throughout the body get messed up.  This is where the problems begin.

The thyroid, and how it 'talks' to the rest of the body, is a very complicated topic.  No one knows everything about it and scientists are researching constantly.  My request would be that if you're going to donate to a good cause this Christmas, Choose Thyroid Research.  There's too much that's still unknown, and way too many people suffering.  Help look for answers. Donate to Thyroid Research.

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