Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Find A Doctor in Canada

I never expected this task to be so time-consuming. I mean, this is Canada. We have tons of doctors. How could it possibly be difficult to find a doctor?
Well... I feel like this is the beginning of a fairy tale. A long, long time ago, in a land far, far, away...

When I was in Winnipeg, I found out the doctors switched from doctor offices to clinics. I'm sure the change helps more people and is less of a burden for the doctors. So when I moved here to Nova Scotia, I wasn't surprised to see there's a clinic as well as a few doctors offices.

The doctors offices were no longer taking new patients. OK. So I went to the clinic. I needed my prescriptions refilled. I thought it would be simple. I would bring in the bottles, and they would refill them. No such luck. The doctor only phoned in PART of my prescriptions because she wanted to see my blood tests. After reading the thyroid chat website, and knowing what others have gone through, I have to admit that I was scared. Still a little hopeful, but scared.

So blood tests done, I went in to see her and ask for the rest of my thyroid dose back. She turns to me and says she's never heard of Hashimoto's disease. (OMG!! Are you freekin kidding me?!?!?) My heart dropped to the floor. I could feel the panic rising. What was I going to do? What kind of doctor hasn't heard of Hashimoto's disease? I was in shock. I tried to calmly explain that Hashimoto's is indicative to periods of hyperthyroid TSH results as well as hypothyroid TSH results. She refused to even talk to me. All she said was I can have the tests redone in 4 months - absolutely no sooner than that - and would I like a flu shot. Sure. Hell, why not. And then she sent me on my way.

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