Tuesday, January 10, 2012

OK, So I'm Diagnosed

So I have Hashimoto's Disease. Now what? Will there be different treatments? Will the doctor understand better? Will he be able to help me now? We know what's wrong, so can it be fixed? 
I kept reading article after article on Hashimoto's Disease, but I couldn't find anything. How can we (all people - the human race) have a disease that's just ignored? Why would that happen? How could that happen? 
So now I start to get angry. Why isn't anyone looking for more information? Why aren't they doing something about this disease? They have a test for it, so how do doctors just walk away from a patient after telling them they have this disease? The doctors can't offer hope. They can't offer treatments. Just a 'band aid' to get us through life. And this is not a good life. This is not what you could call "quality" life. Being in pain every single moment of being alive is not "quality" living. Having that pain dismissed by doctors because the doctor doesn't know what to do - that is not "quality" living. Do you think I'm angry? You're damn right I'm angry. How dare they do that to me?!? To all of us who have this disease?!? How dare they just pass us over as though we are not important!! How dare they dismiss our symptoms just because they don't know the answers!!
I know this disease doesn't show on my face. I know I don't usually look like I'm in pain. I know I try not to let anyone see when I'm having an 'episode'. That doesn't mean it's not there. And that doesn't mean I suffer any less.  

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