Saturday, February 04, 2012

I Guess We're At Today

I saw my new doctor. He seemed so nice. Social. Polite. He even seemed to know what I was talking about with my disease. And the best part was, he gave me back my original dose of T4 replacement. He took the time to sit and read my medical records. I didn't mind waiting at all. It was comforting knowing he actually read what my endocrinologist wrote. It was nice to see he trusted the specialist I spent 4 years working with.

Such a huge load off my shoulders. After more than 6 months of riding the emotional roller coaster of 'will I get my medication', it feels almost like I've been released from a jail. Set free. At least until the next time. The next set of blood tests. Will they have a hyper test result? Is he going to overreact and lower my medication dosage again? Will he just know to leave things the same and test again in a few weeks? What do I do if he takes away my T4's like the other doctor?

Questions like that are part of life now.  

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