Sunday, February 12, 2012


How do I feel today... I guess I'm ok. I hurt all over, but it's not too bad. I'll take a couple of Advil today. I don't like to take medications, but I'm fine with 2 Advil now and then. Drinking lots of water with it.
On days like today, I wonder what my immune system will decide is 'bad' next. After it wipes out my thyroid completely, will it move on to something else? Is someone researching that? I don't know a single person who donates to thyroid research. Canadians can just go to this website -
It doesn't even take long. I paid for my 1 year membership. Best $25 I ever spent. I am hoping they take my annual membership and they find a way to cure this disease. That website has lots of information. Check it out.
Although I can't vouch for it's complete accuracy because not all Hashimoto's patients get a goitre, and not all goitres will reduce simply by taking a pill every day. They (goitres) are usually removed surgically.
But anyways, I'd like to go to the gym today. Just for a walk. Even though it's upstairs and is open to the lower floor, so it makes me lose my balance at a couple of places on the track. And sure, I could use my own treadmill, but sometimes I just want different scenery. It's nice to get out of the house too.

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