Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Keep Going

Even though there are many days when I feel like giving up, I don't. I just keep going. Staying as positive as I can is the best way I know to get through those terrible days. Think positive. Tomorrow will be better. Or next week will be better. Or this afternoon will be better. Hashimoto's sure has made me much more aware of the things around me. I'm able to be content with the things I have, where I live, and I'm even able to appreciate the weather. I enjoy things so much more now because I have the days when I'm not able to go outside or play with my dogs. I'm so happy to have the good days. Of course I still hate this disease, and I get so angry that I have it. I think it's not fair. Why me? After everything else that I've lived through, why did I have to have this too? When there's so many horrible and selfish people out there, why did I have to be the one to get this disease? What did I do to deserve it? But some questions don't have answers. Some things are just not for us to know. Little comfort, I know. Perhaps some day, someone out there will figure out this disease. It won't be in my lifetime, of that I am certain. But it's no reason to let this disease beat me. I will enjoy what I can. Nothing can stop me from enjoying sunny, warm days, watching snow fall, seeing new plants emerge in the spring, or the changing colours of fall. My good days or good hours are spent enjoying life. I guess if there's a lesson in all of this, it's to be grateful for what you have, and place more importance on the good things in your life than the bad things.