Sunday, July 29, 2012


I'm hot. Every night I'm hot. No, I don't mean hot flashes. I'm not old enough for those yet. Instead, I get hot. At night, after the sun goes down, when I should be in bed sleeping. That is when I get hot. I feel the need to pant like a dog. Instead, I change into a tank top and sit in front of a fan. I'm happy it's not night sweats! I even get the same hot sensation if I nap during the day. So right now I'm doing some research on sleep and adrenals. It's my understanding that when cortisol levels are off, adrenals are not working properly, and therefore, the body temperatures will be off also. I'm trying out Melatonin at night. It's suppose to help me get to sleep, but it's not intended as a permanent fix. Which means I have to fix the problem while I'm able to take the Melatonin.

Update on my Erfa Thyroid: I'm now taking 60mg in the am and 45mg in the pm. My next doctor's appointment is at the beginning of September. 

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