Sunday, July 08, 2012


Today I was really disappointed that I couldn't just go outside and do yard work. I accomplished so much yesterday and the day before - why not today? I was able to do less yesterday than the day before, but sore muscles can do that. And I'd rather have sore muscles than complete exhaustion. So, not being able to do as much today? Well, I'm still on a low dose of NDT. Switching from T4 only to NDT takes time. Some days I'll feel better than others. I had that on the T4 treatment. The only difference is that I still feel better on NDT. But I won't have a ton of energy every single day until I'm on an optimal dose. I'll probably get to 3 or 4 grains total per day before I'm optimal and finally feeling human again. In the meantime I have to have patience. Raising my NDT 1/4 grain every 2 weeks takes time. (For reference,1 grain = 60mg erfa thyroid.) Right now I'm on 3/4 grain in the morning and 1/2 grain in the afternoon. On July 16th I should be raising it to 3/4 grain in the morning and 3/4 grain in the afternoon. I look forward to every single dose increase.

Since I've been taking adrenal support, I've noticed I sleep better at night. I think I've had insomnia most of my life and waking up feeling refreshed is quite a new feeling for me. I don't have a good sleep every night yet, but I really enjoy it when I get it now.

Eating healthy is so important for everyone. Even those without any health concerns. Chemicals and factory made foods just can't be considered nutritious. Many Hashimoto's patients find out they have an intolerance for several foods like gluten or dairy. Perhaps it is an intolerance to processed foods brought on by T4 only treatment? Food for thought. But you can't go wrong if you eat something that had to be grown.

Seems like Hashimoto's is just something you can't quit on. Don't stop looking for answers. Don't just give up and accept feeling crappy. Try eating organic foods, treating your adrenals, getting your rest and cutting down stressful situations. At the very least, those things will make you feel healthier and help you live longer.

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