Saturday, July 14, 2012


I'm never sure if I'm really getting better or not. I do feel better, and I'm down 4.2lbs since starting Erfa. But I just hate to get my hopes up. What if this isn't permanent? What if I start gaining weight again. What happens if I start feeling super tired again? I've had a couple of days in a row now that I've been tired. I think that may be my allergies. I tried CoQ10 and ended up with hives, bad asthma attacks and really bad allergies. So I've slept quite a bit over the past 2 days. I'm now on 45mg of Erfa in the morning and 45mg Erfa in the afternoon. Today I feel hyper. I never felt hyper on 200mcg of Synthroid, so this feeling is new to me. Of course, this whole experience is new to me. It's exciting to feel better. I am so elated to not have that all over body pain. OMG - brushing my hair!!! It's not falling out anymore!!!! Makes me wonder how many symptoms I attributed to Hashimotos when it was probably the Synthroid. I could just kick myself sometimes that I thought it was all my disease. All this time I was suffering when I could have been feeling just fine. But I guess I'm just like so many others out there. I had no way of differentiating between side effects of Synthroid and symptoms of Hashimotos Disease. I sincerely hope someone out there reads this. If this changes one person's life - stops some of the suffering of one person...

I know I don't have to share my experiences. And perhaps I tend to ramble in some places. But I keep thinking that I may have a relative or friend out there who has to deal with thyroid disease and they may feel alone. No one should ever feel alone. Especially with thyroid disease. We didn't cause it. We didn't do anything to bring this on ourselves. And most importantly, we should not feel ashamed to have it. I know some people post in thyroid groups under a false name to hide their identity. WHY? They don't want their friends and family to know what they're going through. What's the point of that? How will hiding it help anyone? There is absolutely nothing wrong with us. We have a disease. It's not contagious. Is this 100 years ago when they would make people out to be a pariah if they had Hashimoto's? NO. This is 2012. Get out there and share. Friends and family are there for support and love. There's absolutely no reason to hide. I'm actually quite angry that people want to hide it. How do they expect to get the help they need if they don't tell anyone? How are we suppose to get more people donating to thyroid research if we all run and hide? It's extremely counterproductive. I think I could rant on and on, so I will just end this for today. DON'T HIDE IT - IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT YOU HAVE THYROID DISEASE!!

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  1. Enjoy these changes while you can! Don't question....just enjoy.