Thursday, August 23, 2012

Up? Down? Good? Bad? Pause?

I'd like to put something cryptic here, but the fact remains that I'm in a state of waiting. I'm testing things out. Taking adaptogens every day, sticking to the same dose of my thyroid medication, and trying to get to bed at 10pm every day. The bed time is the killer so far. I'm just not sticking to it, which means my cortisol is not being produced like it should, which means I'm tired. Very tired every day. Without proper rest, things are taking longer. My adrenals can't heal if I don't get my rest, and I need my rest at the proper time of day, which is between 10pm and 7am. Napping in the afternoon isn't really the best way to catch up on sleep. Maybe I need to adopt my parents' house rules where 9pm is lights out. Of course that never worked when I lived there, so I can't imagine it would work now.

So I'm just waiting. Once I get my sleeping patterns fixed, then my adrenals will follow suit. I've read it can take 2 years or more to heal the adrenals. Seems like such a long time. But when I think about it, I've never slept at night without the help of some sort of sleeping aid. Alcohol was a big help during my high school and college years. Alcohol also helped wear down my adrenals too. Nowadays I'm just living 'clean' as some call it. Nothing except non-manufactured foods. Yes, I crave chocolate so much I dream about it. LOL. At least I know things will get better and the weather is beautiful. Since I have to wait, this is the time of year I'd choose to do it.

I've had lots of people over the years, tell me that everyone has logical places to pause in their life. Whether it's to learn a lesson, teach one, or just reflect upon ourselves. I guess this is one of those for me. A logical place to pause in my life. I have no idea what this pause in my life is for, but I think I'll do my best to find as much peace as I can.

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