Sunday, December 02, 2012

6 Months After Starting NDT

As Christmas approaches, I look back over the past 6 months since I started taking Erfa Thyroid.  I feel so much better; so much like my body has returned to normal. Let me say that again. NORMAL.  I knew I'd feel better, but to feel like a normal person?  My heart's wish come true.  Erfa Thyroid truly has exceeded all of my expectations. I still get tired some days, but it isn't every single day, and I'm sure it's normal to feel tired when you've been doing too much.  There's that word again. Normal.

With Hashimoto's disease, there's no such thing as perfect.  Medicine just isn't that advanced. Take the good and the bad and hope for the best.  I expect some sort of setback.  Every season brings different symptoms, different medication needs.  Unfortunately, unless the doctor has Hashimoto's disease, he/she won't think to make the necessary adjustments for each seasonal change.  Some people need a higher dose in the winter and some need a higher dose in the summer.  It's not even possible to get a doctor to order tests that often. So what's the solution? Adapt. Learn to cut out tasks. Maybe you don't need to vacuum every single day during those months when you'd really rather be on a higher dose of Erfa Thyroid.

This week I'm getting the house ready for Christmas and I don't worry that I'm going to run out of energy before I'm finished what I'm doing.  I don't have that constant muscle and joint pain from head to toe.  My hair stopped falling out.  I can go shopping for hours and not need a nap.  I sleep well at night now.  And I almost never get anxiety, or if I do, it passes quickly.  Because of all of this, my stress level is way down, allowing me to enjoy my days.  I think this is what normal is like.

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