Friday, June 27, 2014

Where Am I Now?

   After going from doctor to doctor, I have decided to purchase my thyroid medication online and adjust the dosage myself.  I will continue to look for a doctor who understands Hashimoto's disease and who is willing to prescribe NDT.  Since I am the only one who knows how I feel, how could I possibly expect lab results to make me feel better?  And since the doctors I have seen all treat based on lab results, it's no wonder I wasn't getting any better.

   As for the supplements?  I'm working on that.  There's so many available and so much that's unknown. For a time there, I was buying supplement after supplement; trying everything I could get my hands on.  Did they work?  I'm not sure.  I was still in the process of finding the best dose of NDT for me.  I do know that coconut oil helps tremendously.  It helped with weight loss, (I was well over 200lbs, am now I'm at a very healthy 150lbs and have been this weight for about a year or so now), and I cook with it because it doesn't turn into a bad fat when heated.  The only other thing I use right now is Curcumin.  Curcumin is a natural anti-inflammatory.  Those of us with Hashi's tend to have inflammation, and Curcumin helps.  I take 2 curcumin pills in a teaspoon of coconut oil once or twice a day. The texture isn't wonderful, but it tastes ok. Sure beats cod liver oil hands down.  Other than that, I eat healthy and that will just have to do.

  I really hope to find a doctor who will work with me.  Hashimoto's isn't the easiest disease to treat. Especially because as the seasons change, my dose requirements change too.  I can't stay on the same dose all year.  In the summer I tend to require less NDT than in the winter.  Doctors don't understand this.  Or maybe they do, but don't have the time to see the same patient every 6 to 8 weeks.  

   To anyone reading this who has Hashi's, please try to work with a doctor.  I really don't recommend doing this alone.   Even though I'm dosing myself, I'm keeping my family doctor aware of what I'm doing.